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Mar 16

How to Encourage Patients to Choose Telehealth

Many patients remain hesitant to engage via technology for various reasons; here are a few thoughts and suggestions that may help overcome obstacles and lead to stronger provider-patient relationships.

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Feb 04

Practice Management and Analytics in 2021

Using automated tools to filter and sort data can speed the process significantly and provide output allowing you to focus on the results rather than the process.  There is a new analytics platform just released by eSimplify that crunches complex claims data into actionable business intelligence and predictive models allowing practices to regain precious time to focus on running their practice and caring for their patients.

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Jan 15

Coordinated Care Management.

Services like CCM, RPM, TCM , PCM, and others can have a profoundly positive impact not only on your patients but also your provider quality score and practice revenue. If you have not been taking advantage of the programs covered by Medicare and many other plans, do not delay any longer. 

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Dec 21

Following the Data

Analytics helps organizational leadership and providers identify at-risk patients, predict patient utilization patterns (missed appointments, patient throughput), score chronic disease risk, track patient survey responses, improve preventive service management, identify revenue gaps and associated services, manage revenue cycle, track provider productivity, and many other areas to foster growth and efficiency. 

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Dec 14

Using Audits to Your Advantage

We continue our Year-End Series with a brief discussion of an often overlooked but important housekeeping tool:  audits.  The word “audit” makes healthcare leaders, providers, and managers cringe.  However, each type of audit has its benefits.

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Dec 11

CCM Helping Clinics Rebound in 2021

In primary care / family medicine / internal medicine with significant resources dedicated to caring for patients with multiple chronic conditions, programs like Chronic Care Management alongside Remote Physiologic Monitoring can enhance provider and care team abilities to engage and care for patients while also generating much-needed revenue.

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