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Nov 23

More about the Flu

The flu vaccine will not protect patients against COVID-19, but it can significantly reduce the risk of serious illness, severe symptoms, hospitalization or even death from the flu.  The flu vaccine is recommended every year for everyone 6 months of age and older with rare exception.

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Nov 19

Strategies in Action: Engaging Patients AND Keeping Them Safe

Many patients with one or more chronic disease have either been unable to visit their primary care provider or have avoided regular care due to fear of contracting the corona virus.  Practices need functional solutions to engage patients, keep providers informed about their patients, and ensure everyone remains as safe as possible as the pandemic’s direction is uncertain.  A combination of care management services can bridge the gap for patients and providers.

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Nov 06

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

The PHE creates many obstacles to enjoying regular traditions.  With some planning and a little creativity, however, time-honored traditions like the office holiday party can still be respected and provide a much-needed lift to providers and staff.

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Nov 04

Encourage Patients to Get Flu Shots - Much Is at Stake

The CDC recommends getting your annual flu shot in September or October.  However, getting the shot at any time will provide a benefit.  Given the increased risks this flu season, it is more important than ever to encourage patients to get their shot before January.

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Nov 03

Strategies in action: Remote Physiologic Monitoring.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) allows providers to electronically collect and monitor health data, such as blood pressure, glucose, or weight, from their patients.  When employed alongside other tools (i.e. Telehealth), RPM becomes a healthcare delivery multiplier that helps keep patients safe while generating practice revenue.

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Oct 26

Strategies in Action – Care Management Focus: CCM

There are many strategies available to primary care and family practice clinics designed to boost revenue while delivering better tools for providers, care teams and patients.  CCM is the ideal program to help providers engage with higher-risk Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions without the patient taking on added risk of face-to-face communication.  Chronic Care Management allows providers to support their patients without face-to-face visits, calm patient anxieties, and generate much-needed revenue for practices.

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